Nubian Jak Board Game
“The Dazzling Edutainment Game”

Nubian Jak is the award winning board game which combines amazing pop trivia with fantasic historical achievement and facts.

Being “a world first” it was immediately embraced by a previously unrecognised games buying public who helped Nubian Jak outsell many of the established games like “Trivial Pursuits” and “Monopoly” This in-turn caught the attention of the British media and the product was featured on the BBC News, 11th Hour and Channel 1 News.

Nubian Jak was recommended by the industry Games and Puzzles as one of the top ten new games for that year and has since been dubbed “the most original board game concept of the 1990s” In 1996 a “World Edition” was introduced in New York to an even wider media interest that has continued to this day.

What sets Nubian Jak apart from other games and makes it “ A World First” is the fun and information the game contains. Also the unique way it makes education from a global perspective accessible to the masses in an entertaining format.

The game itself requires players to use strategy, skill and a bit of luck to “Out Jak” and “Chill Out” their opponents while trying to get their three Pyramid jaks to three new jak Zones. But it is the diverse amounts of little known facts, astounding truths and pop trivia that makes the board game so stunning. Highlighting the global achievements of people of colour the concept has captured the imagination of community.


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